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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Jaida-Iman Benjamin: Official Presenter for the 1st Annual EOTM Awards!

Jaida Benjamin Official Presenter for the EOTM Awards

Jaida-Iman Benjamin

EOTM Red Carpet 
Carlon Jeffery

Vincent M. Ward
My Momanger, JoCinda Benjamin

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Best human humour ads all year, BBDO Atlanta

Best human humour ads all year, BBDO Atlanta:

Best human humour ads all year, BBDO Atlanta

...Then let me say, this BBDO Atlanta campaign of two commercials should win adland's Oscar, a gold Lion, too or nonetheless – watch it then choose.
There are no exotic, expensive CGI effects. No wild fantasy locations. No zombies. 
The big idea is obvious, and irresistibly compelling. The humour underscoring the idea makes sure of that.
The first spot, The Babysitter You Don’t Want to Be, is just a montage of babysitters, each of whom is making that dreaded phone call to the parents in some wild predicaments. You’ve been there. You know them. And as parents, you’ve dreaded them. That’s what makes this ad so great. They are humorous exaggerations centimetres outside real life.
Two months later, Babysitter Training: A PSA from the Kids has emerged. It is just a montage of a bunch of little kids asking – and hilariously, showing – would-be babysitters why they should go online to get their babysitting 101 from American Red Cross. Stage mothers of America should be applauded for the acting by these under tens. Why should kids have a real and normal life when they can create calls to action this compelling? Adland needs them.
BBDO is promising that there are more TVCs and YouTube videos to come. We hope so.
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